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Soundpotai is an innovative designm ottoman seat which is also an eco-friendly bluetooth soundbox, characterized by a natural stereo sound. The original bluetooth musical soundbox Soundpotai represents a new way to integrate the muisic in your home decor. With the battery power supply you take it, move it, use it everywhere. Choose your style and put it on display, the Soundpotai series is designed to be in complete harmony with the rooms of your home. Great music, green design.

Keep it on display at home as truly unique design object. Need to create the right atmosphere? This is the perfect way, connect Soundpotai to your bluetooth device and choose the perfect playlist, podcast or tv programm, a natural stereo sound will surround your room and while you're seating on it...your body!. Soundpotai it is not an Hi-Fi system literally, it represents an innovative sound experience, it will be sufficient to touch it to feel the music vibrations flow into your body.

How Soundpotai ottoman seat bluetooth speaker works?

Like any Rippotai® product also Soundpotai is realized with our extra-resistant cardboard, really much appreciated in interior design for its high quality. It is not only extra-resistant, multi-layer cardboard, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, it is so resistant that you can seat on it! The HI-FI technology inside, together with its special shape and the material itself are able to replicate the same sound principle of acoustic musical instruments. Soundpotai uses 2 sound wave generators (not traditional loudspeakers, therefore) which, when applied to the walls of the box, make it vibrate, spreading the sound in the air. The whole box is thus transformed into an omnidirectional stereo speaker.

Soundpotai is an eco-design home decor object. Like the whole Rippotai® lhome decor range it is sustainable and eco-friendly, its production has been conceived for a reduced consumption of resources and to make you aware of a smart and responsible purchase. When you receive it at home you won't have to do anything. SOUNDPOTAI is already mounted and working, you will just have to turn it on and connect it via bluetooth. Use the many features of Soundpotai to enjoy a home decor design object out of the ordinary but suitable for all your interiors: you will discover a standing ovation seat!

Rippotai® and Soundpotai are produced in Italy



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