Pouf musicale Soundpotai per la cameretta Ballet 40
Pouf musicale Soundpotai Ballet ambientata
Pouf musicale Soundpotai Ballet 33
Pouf musicale Soundptai Hip Hop 40
Pouf musicale Hip Hop Soundpotai 33
Pouf musicale Soundpotai Hip Hop ambientata
Pouf musicale Hip Hop 33 ambientata
Pouf musicale Soundpotai Love 40
Pouf musicale Soundpotai Love 33
Specifiche tecniche Soundpotai 33
Specifiche tecniche Soundpotai 40
Musical pouf for the children's room Soundpotai
Musical pouf for the children's room Soundpotai
Musical pouf for the children's room Soundpotai

Musical pouf for the children's room Soundpotai


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Soundpotai is an innovative stool and ottoman seat, a technological cube which is also a eco-friendly bluetooth speaker natural sounding and stereo .This music poufs are able to transform listening to music into a multisensory experience thanks to the beneficial effect of sound waves vibrations. Soundpotai listening experience is also suitable for the little ones, some of them love to touch it with their little hands and feel the vibrations like that, others sit and calm down immediately and still others dance to no end!

Like all Rippotai® products, the sound box Soundpotai is also made with our super-resistant cardboard, highly appreciated for its high quality interior design. Thanks to the material and shape used combined with the technology inside, the Bluetooth speaker Soundpotai replicates the same physical principle of the resonance boxes of acoustic musical instruments: the spread of vibrations. In fact, the Soundpotai bluetooth speaker uses sound wave generators (not traditional speakers, therefore) that applied to the walls of the cube, make it vibrate, spreading the sound in the air. The whole cube is thus transformed into an omnidirectional stereo speaker.

Soundpotai is a sustainable home decor component. Like all the Rippotai® series, its production is designed for a reduced consumption of resources and to trigger the awareness of an intelligent and responsible purchase. When you receive it at home, you don't have to do anything. the sound cube is already assembled and working, you just have to turn it on and connect via bluetooth. Warning, ignition and operation must be controlled and operated by an adult. Soundpotai is not a toy, but a new listening experience suitable even for children.

With battery power too you take it, you move it, you use it everywhere. Choose your style and put it on display, the Soundpotai series is designed to be in full harmony with the spaces of your home. Great music, green design.


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