Customizable wall pictures Wallpotai
Customizable wall pictures Wallpotai
Customizable wall pictures Wallpotai

Customizable wall pictures Wallpotai


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The walls of the house tell a lot about us, hanging the pictures is the final touch, but also what gives us that feeling of change and novelty. Rippotai gives you the possibility to cutomize your wall pictures with a photo a message, the drawing of your children.

A wall picture doesn't necessarily have to be an artistic one or a painter's chef d'oeuvre, so why not customize it with your own style?

Choose the size and indicate in the notes the phrase you would like on the painting or send us the photo you would like to hang at home or your illustration, even a drawing. Just write us an email and we are available.

All the pictures are made of eco-sustainable cardboard and printed with eco-friendly water-based and non-toxic ink. The painting will have your style, your verve and your personality. Nice to hang in the spaces of the house, fun to give to anyone ... just choose the right photo or phrase. Create creative compositions by combining more than one. The important thing is not to be speechless anymore!

Customized picturess are ideal for any occasion: to express a thought, a wish or just a catchphrase. They will allow you to cheer up a moment, give comfort, have fun or decorate a wall with the exact "tone of voice".

Technical specifications of the customized wall pictures:

  • Available sizes: 19.5 × 19.5 cm, 30x30 cm, 50x50 cm
  • Material: strong and sturdy cardboard (thickness 2 cm).
  • Eco-sustainable because it is 100% recyclable
  • Hole on the back for wall nail


Rippotai® is made in Italy


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All RIPPOTAI products are conceived for your safety: recyclable eco-friendly materials, assembled with glue-free joints, printed with non-toxic and water-based inks. Isn't this wonderful?


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