Contenitore Ginkgo
Scatola contenitore Gingko
Contenitore per libreria Ginkgo
Scatola contenitore Gingko

Eco-friendly Storage box Ginkgo


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An eco-friendly saving-space storage box with precious oriental suggestions

Multi-purpose container, box for wardrobes or storage box for storing blankets and clothing, the Ginkgo container is the elegant and refined touch for your rooms.

For the graphics we were inspired by the oldest son of Mother Nature, the Ginkgo tree.
Sacred and magical plant for Japanese, with the changing of the seasons the color of its foliage changes.
Its fan leaves in warm shades of red overlap in this pattern contrasting with deep blue tones.

With its suggestions of the ancient East revisited in a modern key, this storage box is perfect to combine in a home with ethnic and boho chic furnishings or as a prominent element in a decor modern and classic.


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