Contenitore Moiré
Contenitore per libreria e scaffali Moiré
Contenitore scatola salvaspazio Moiré

Eco-friendly Storage box Moiré


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A versatile storage box with an eclectic elegance and a special care for the environment

Saving-space container for rooms or storage box for wardrobes, this decorative organizing solution allows you to always have everything in order and within reach.
Whether it's the sewing kit, your favorite magazines or the remote control set that inexorably hides under the sofa cushions, with this eco-friendly storage box you will always know where to find your items.

The suggestions of the design in the Moiré storage box recreate an elegant but at the same time refined environment, for all those spaces that require a focal point of character.
The abstract motif alternating white and black polka dots that recall the alternation of the phases of the moon make this complement the perfect decorative accessory for all those environments to be lived in, such as a living room to welcome guests or a covered veranda for aperitifs with friends. .


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