Contenitore Optical 40
Contenitore salvaspazio per la casa Optical
Contenitore per la libreria e scaffali Optical
Contenitore Optical 40 ambientato

Eco-friendly Storage box Optical


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The minimal and elegant storage box that decorates your interior with a special care for the environment

Coffee table, wardrobe box and multipurpose container, the Optical box is the eco-friendly saving-space solution for your interiors .
Unlike more industrial solutions, the Rippotai Optical container does not release harmful substances into the environment and meets your needs to always have new spaces to store your items.

The refined design of the optical design, the black and white alternation, the essential lines of the cube that recall ordered geometries, make this Rippotai Optical container cube the perfect piece of furniture for all those minimal environments without sacrificing contemporaneity of the forms.

For the entrance, a classic style living room or a total white bedroom, Optical container can recreate the right atmosphere for every occasion.


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