Flower pack with seeds - 2 pieces
Flower pack with seeds - 2 pieces
Flower pack with seeds - 2 pieces
Flower pack with seeds - 2 pieces

Flower pack with seeds - 2 pieces


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A perfect kit of 2 colorful Seedbombs with flower-shaped packaging: 
2 pack flower with seedbomb (mixed colors)

A colorfull eco-friendly flower has a clay heart with many small wildflower seeds ready to bloom.

A sustainable gift idea, but also a nice gadget for a birthday party, to keep children busy in a fun gardening activity.

They are also perfect as eco-friendly favors for weddings, ceremonies and special events.

The ball is thrown into the ground and the seeds are allowed to germinate which will soon become wildflowers that bees and butterflies will love. The packaging, on the other hand, in addition to reminding the birthday boy of the moment, can be reused thanks to the reuse project with which it was born: wrap headphones, key rings, ornaments...

An original and innovative gift idea that can be totally customized also as a gadget for companies and events, a product that does not emit Co2 but absorbs it, an ideal way to convey the sustainability of your brand.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (mm): 60x60
  • Single-sided printing with Greenguard certified and VOC free non-toxic inks.
  • Colorful clay seedbomb containing a mix of wildflowers that bees and butterflies like included.

NB: The seedbombs, or seed balls, are handmade with clay and colored with natural colours. You will receive them slightly cracked or chipped, they are not lacquered to preserve their ecological and compostable nature, and it is absolutely normal for there to be places where the clay is visible and crumbled. They are meant to be placed in the ground!

You can find all the instructions on how to plant our seedbombs here!

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La pallina di semi è fatta di argilla ed è realizzata a mano, per questo ogni pallina è diversa nella forma. Viene colorata con colori naturali che esistono in natura.

Ci sono semi di fiori che piacciono ai nostri impollinatori. Come ad esempio calendula, trifoglio, borragine, papavero, cardo, lino, fiordaliso e altri


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