Lampada da appoggio Shapes cavo rosso
Lampada da appoggio Shapes
Elementi stacca-attacca della lampada da tavolo Shapes
Lampada da tavolo Shapes
Lampada da appoggio Shapes cavo nero
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Table Lamp Lampotai Shapes for kids room

Table Lamp Lampotai Shapes for kids room


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We have also called them Playpotai the beautiful lampshades for the children's bedroom Lampotai 24, this is because, even before being lamps, they are real educational games to spend some time with children with playful-didactic activities.

Illuminate the children's bedroom and their imagination with these design cubes with a vintage and imaginative flavor, each side is designed with precut letters and numbers that can be easily detached and reattached.
You can use them to direct the light, to decorate the room or to try your hand at a retro-style memory.

The table lamp for the bedroom is an original gift idea that appeals to adults and children: original, ecological, fun, educational and design.

You can choose the color of the cable to match the colors of the bedroom, quality cables in fabric with a silk effect.

Lampotai table lamp is sustainable and eco-friendly, ideal for any type of bedroom, to give a touch of color and naturalness and underline the love for the environment.

Sustainability and eco-friendly solution in a real object: the lamp for the childern's bedroom

The body of the table lamp is made with eco-sustainable and recyclable materials. A glue-free joint system was used for the assembly. The printing inks are certified water-based non-toxic.

Technical features:

The package contains the bedside lamp in the shape of a furnishing cube with the cable and the bulb holder inside. You will also find maintenance instructions and some advice on how to use the "detach and attach" round bars that are part of all Lampotai table lamps.

  • Lampshade cube in extra-resistant ecological cardboard (1.4 cm thick) with modern patternss of your choice.
  • Dimensions: b 24 cm, a 24 cm, p 24 cm
  • Bulb holder E27 + electric cable fabric effect in colored variants (1,8 mt length)
  • Precut detachable elements to direct the light and decorate the walls
  • Bulb is not included.We recommmend the use of cold light and energy saving bulbs marked CE.

Rippotai® is made in Italy



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