Paravento ecologico e di design Jungle
Paravento ecologico e di design Jungle come separé del salotto
Screen and interior room divider in modern style Wallpotai Jungle
Paravento ecologico e di design Jungle delinea l'area smartworking
Paravento ecologico e di design Jungle in arredamento moderno

Screen and interior room divider in modern style Wallpotai Jungle


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In a modern and elegant style, the Wallpotai Jungle indoor screen is the touch of elegance for lovers of home decor and jungle style .

Inspired by the natural world, it transforms interiors according to a green philosophy of living: the refined leaf design joins the environmentally friendly materials.

Ideal for giving that touch of green to your rooms that responds to the desire to escape from the urban “jungle”.


The Wallpotai Jungle modern style indoor screen is ideal for creating your green retreat at home or in your work environment.
It is ideal for smartworking : use it to carve out an isolated space for your videoconferences, or as a divider for the study and the distance learning area.

Lightweight and handy, it can be easily moved and quickly folded: when not needed you can fold it up and put it aside.

Additional information

  • Dimensionss (base x height):
    open format 100 x 160 cm
    closed format 33× 160 cm
  • Patterns: printed on both sides
  • Materials:
    extra strong and sustainable honeycomb cardboard with a thickness of 1.9 cm
    water-based graphic inks: natural, non-toxic, ecological
  • Eco-friendly design respectful of the environment
  • Sustainability: 100% recyclable
  • Totally Made in Italy



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