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Musical Pouf Soundpotai La Community 27


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Musical pouf and Bluetooth audio speaker

The musical pouf Community 27 is part of a collection of home decor components customized with a pattern of shared values: inclusion, respect for the people and for the environment. The rainbow texture recalls the pride walk of the beach of La Community 27 in Rimini.

When you buy a Soundpotai, you are doing a responsible purchase and not only for the environment! Find out how.

Soundpotai is the Bluetooth indoor musical pouf that transforms listening to music into a multisensory experience.

The pouf transmits your favorite music through sound vibrations to the body, the experince is so enveloping that even people with hearing impairments perceive the sound.

Soundpotai is an inclusive and eco-friendly product, it is innovative, patented and you will love it.

The Soundpotai musical seat is made of eco-sustainable material, with the use of non-toxic inks and assembled with our special interlocking system without the use of glues.

A gesture of responsibility at the rythm of music

One out of every 10 Soundpotai sold will be donated to associations that support and improve the lives of deaf people.

Release all the atmosphere of your favorite playlists: connect your devices to the bluetooth speaker and let yourself be enchanted by natural and stereo sound coming out of the pouf.

Soundpotai is a patented product


Each Rippotai product is completely customizable, both in pattern and dimensions, contact us for more information: info@rippotai.it


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A conscious choice starts from here

The change can start with little things, from the way we choose to live and work, hoping to contribute to the good of the environment for us and for future generations.

What does it mean sustainability

How nice when a product is also safe

All RIPPOTAI products are conceived for your safety: recyclable eco-friendly materials, assembled with glue-free joints, printed with non-toxic and water-based inks. Isn't this wonderful?


What does it mean "sustainable material"?

When its impact on the environment is reduced to a minimum, along the stages of its life cycle: production processes, safety, long life and disposal.

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