Nutcracker + Mini White Christmas Tree SAVE €15!

Nutcracker + Mini White Christmas Tree SAVE €15!


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Nutcracker: measures (WxHxD) 26 x 75 x 15 cm see more
Mini tree: measures (BxAxP)25 x 25 x 30 cm see more

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Lo schiaccianoci è autoportante, due piedini ad incastro in cartone fanno sì che resti in piedi da sola.

Lo schiaccianoci standard è così come lo vedi ma certo, è possibile anche richiederlo in dimensioni diverse, richiedici un preventivo!


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I purchased Soudpotai musical pouf and had it customized.
An innovative multifunctional and unique product.
Elena and Tito are very cute and very professional 😍
Highly recommended!!!


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Amazing products


Rimini - Italy


I have been working for more than a year with Elena and Tito who support me in graphic creativity for catalogues, advertising in sector magazines and social media, videos/photos and many other activities for the company I work for. Their always available and friendly approach allows you to work as a team with great synergies day after day


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