Sustainable smart working

Smart working sostenibile

Sustainable smart working

Agile Work Survival Manual

How to organize work from home so that it does not become a "slavery", but on the contrary turns into a resource for us, for our life and for the Company?

Here are some tips.

Working from home is not smart working

Smart working, agile working and working from home are often considered synonymous.
There are actually subtle - but substantial - differences.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policies gives the following definition of agile work:

"Agile working (or smart working) is a modality of execution of the subordinate employment relationship characterized by the absence of time or spatial constraints and an organization by phases, cycles and objectives, established through an agreement between employee and employer; a method that helps the worker to reconcile life and work times and, at the same time, favor the growth of his productivity.

The definition of smart working, contained in Law no. 81/2017 , emphasizes organizational flexibility, the voluntary nature of the parties signing the individual agreement and the use of tools that allow you to work remotely (such as: laptops, tablets and smartphones) . "

Working from home therefore with the same planning as working in the office becomes an obstacle to the purposes of smart working.
Agile work loses its hourly connotation and becomes a job mainly managed by objectives , beyond the hours.

Italians and smart working, a survey on the well-being of workers

Linkedin - the "Professional Social Network" commissioned a research on over 2000 Italian workers to understand how agile work has affected people's wellbeing with somewhat unexpected results:

  • 46% of Italian workers feel more anxious or stressed because they work from home
  • 48% of Italian workers worked longer hours from home
  • 18% found a negative impact on their mental health
  • 16% fear that their company may fire them at the end of the lockdown

From this survey, criticalities on working from home emerged, mainly caused by the fact that the worker does not have a real gap between the working and private moment .

However, these problems can be partially remedied with good time and space management.

Managing smart working

How to organize agile work so that it does not become a "slavery", but on the contrary turns into a resource for us, for our life and for the Company?

Here are some tips.

Redesign work times

Agile work as we have seen is characterized by objectives , so online generating schedules are flexible and agreed with the Company.

It is therefore important to learn how to manage the career path :

  • define the ultimate goal
  • split the job into steps
  • schedule the times for the realization of the single steps
  • make an analysis of which materials / relationships / products / collaborations we need to make everything happen

Organizing your time is important , but so is being clear with your family and defining times when you cannot be absolutely disturbed except for compelling reasons.

Create a shared agenda

If our work is in collaboration with other departments it is important to create an online shared agenda (using an Excel spreadsheet, a CRM or other very useful online tools) where we will write down our path and the progress of the work.

This step is important because when we are in the office and we have a problem to solve, we can immediately confront our colleagues, while with remote work the times inevitably get longer.

Redesigning the spaces of smartworking


 The screens - manage the workspace

Working from home ralso requires a redesign of spaces : not everyone has large houses with a separate office , but often one finds oneself working with the cat on the legs, the children who go and they come from the room and an environment that is not always in perfect order.

It is essential to create a space that becomes exclusively - albeit temporarily - working , in order to focus on work instead of dirty dishes, children's toys to put away or clothes to be ironed.

Rippotai solutions at the service of smart working

The organization of time and space becomes fundamental in the management of agile work.
Choosing the right furnishing accessories, which create private spaces to work and organized places < / strong>, but at the same time "nomadic" objects that can be adapted to individual needs, means ensuring personal spaces that optimize the management of one's home life and work .

No longer chaotic and multifunctional environments, but defined and professional spaces with the line of Screens that act both as a separé between private and working life , and as a design background for video calls company.

Once you have finished your work, it is important to put everything back in the same place .
Container cubes Rippotai of various sizes and graphics are the best way to collect and catalog your works.

Finally, to isolate yourself from the outside world and create the right concentration, you can spread your playlist in the background thanks to Soundpotai audio speakers to connect your devices.

Creating a home office has never been easier and more sustainable

All Rippotai products are Made in Italy , designed and manufactured with environmentally friendly and reusable materials and contribute to safeguarding the environment starting from style of living.