The inclusive musical pouf

Everybody can hear and feel it, with every sense

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Music is Democracy

The inclusive musical pouf

An eco-friendly purchase for your home

Rippotai in Japanese means "cube": the figure that best embodies Rippotai philosophy. Eclectic, multi-purpose and elevated to power, as each Rippotai home decor product: multifunctional, useful and with a thousand lives. Rippotai is the sustainable home decor brand specialized in the design and production of versatile and innovative decorative accessories.


Only certified eco-friendly materials


No glue only joints


We realize each decorative object thinking about its endless life


An ingenious joints system, avoiding the use of glues, makes Rippotai decorative accessories truly eco-sustainable and unique.


We believe there are no differences but only excellences to whom give the right voice.

For the Planet

Future is now, for gen z and all new generations to come, we must act now.


Customized and tailor-made solutions. If you don't know how, just ask
Rippotai Gift card
Rippotai Gift card
Rippotai Gift card


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