An eco-friendly purchase for your home

Each RIPPOTAI home decor item is the result of a careful functional design study of a careful selection of eco-friendly material
and a totally made in Italy production.

Customized solutions

Let your rooms become unique

Do you need a customized solution to decorate your home, workplaces or a showroom?
We take care of everything, just ask!

Customize now!

A conscious choice starts from here

Change can start with little things, from the way you choose to live and work, you can contribute to the good of the environment for us and for future generations.

What does it mean sustainability

How nice when a product is also safe

All RIPPOTAI products are conceived for your safety: recyclable eco-friendly materials, assembled with glue-free joints, printed with non-toxic water-based inks. Isn't that wonderful?


What does it mean eco-friendly and sustainable material?

When its impact on the environment is reduced to a minimum, along the stages of its life cycle: production processes, safety, long life and disposal.

Our "best practices"