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Our mission

Our mission is to make environments increasingly comfortable and safe thanks to the use of eco-sustainable furnishing components and accessories. We are committed to creating a healthy and inspiring environment where people feel they are an active part of change. We want to be among the protagonists of the 2030 Agenda to build together the first step towards a sustainable economy, as well as being an ethical choice.
We create decorative components for the home and workplace. Eco-friendly, reusable, recyclable or from renewable sources and designed according to eco-design principles.

Respect for the Environment

Respect for the people & inclusiveness



Our products, healthy bearers of sustainability

The words "respect for the planet", "sustainability" and "new lifestyles" for us are not mere greenwashing but research and innovation, in sustainable materials, in the reuse of waste and in the creation of objects and furnishing components that beyond to be 100% recyclable and acquire a new life and function after use.

The main design and production requirements of our products and their consequent life cycle are:

1. recyclable, ecological material or from renewable sources;

2. the presence of glues is reduced to a minimum or even absent during assembly;

3. printing with ecological water-based inks;

4. during use in domestic environments the product does not release or emit any harmful emissions;

5. the product has a long life and high or total recyclability at the time of disposal;

6. the production cycle has a low environmental impact, starting from the use of the material used for its transformation.


Rippotai's promise is to act in a concrete way for the environment and the future of our planet.

Eco-sustainability is our corporate prerequisite: there is no waste in nature, everything is recyclable and so it must be as achievable as possible even in the company. We recover production waste: we do this through recycling in the manufacturing process, and often also by adopting the philosophy of creative reuse in the development of new products.

In the design we follow the principles of eco-design: materials with low environmental impact, coming from sustainable processes and free of dangerous or harmful substances; we try to use as few materials as possible in the same product, also reducing their quantity, to reduce weight and volume, with efficient folding and stacking systems. Each product is designed to satisfy multifunctionality.

Marketing for us also means creating culture: we want to start from this assertion and involve the consumer with a virtuous offer. Of course, generating profit is important to continue offering quality products but it will never be our one and only point of reference, rather a requirement to grow and be able to do better and better.

Certified and sustainable supply chain: all our partners are required to guarantee the transparency, quality and safety we expect for our products and to share our code of ethics and conduct. The organization and control of the supply chain allows us to optimize the production and distribution process, reducing processing phases, waste, waste and using less energy. For our shipments we use recycled packaging or packaging made with recycled and recyclable material.

Optimized transport: from the place of procurement of raw materials to the place of their processing to finally arrive at storage in the warehouse, we prefer an entire virtuous path that is as local and concentrated as possible.

The circular economy redesigns the existing by optimizing processes compared to the past, extends the life cycle of products and minimizes waste. The disposal and disassembly of our products is simple and fast, ready to be reintroduced into the virtuous cycle of our creativity.