Being Rippotai

Rippotai is a Benefit Company

This is why we strive every day to make home and office environments more comfortable and safe thanks to the design and marketing of eco-sustainable and designer furnishing components and accessories.

In the design and marketing of Soundpotai Rippotai sound furnishings, the objective is to enhance all five senses to offer an alternative sensorial journey that does not only favor sight (the most solicited sense these days). In particular, the sound furnishings are designed to support hearing impaired people and their well-being through music and creativity. At the same time, Rippotai does its utmost to support the associations that work in this area.

The founders

Who we are

We are Elena and Tito, the founding partners of Rippotai, we are both baby boomers, a ripe age to have an innovative startup but with the right wisdom to know our stuff :-) We met during a creative project in 2014 and We have been working together ever since. Our first startup was born in 2016 and then changed its business model in 2019 and became what is now Rippotai. Tito's artistic and creative talent combined with Elena's commercial and strategic spirit are our winning combination together with an ingredient that unites us, the desire to do business in an ethical, inclusive and responsible way.