Shipping policy


We take care of our products from start to finish and we follow the green philosophy even in packaging.
Shopping online with RIPPOTAI is easy, fast, convenient and ECO-FRIENDLY. Each RIPPOTAI product is real eco-design objects that we wish to deliver to you intact and well preserved, reducing the environmental impact as much as possible.
If we could, we would deliver them to you using sustainable mobility, perhaps by bicycle!
Our care for the environment and our green philosophy we pursue from start to finish and throughout the process. This is why we take care of shipments using eco-sustainable packaging materials.
The flo-pack polystyrene chips, made from corn starch and the air bubble film created from 100% regenerated plastic, which wrap the our products to protect them from impact during transport, are biodegradable and compostable.
They do not leave any toxic waste in the environment!
We pack and pack each of our products with care and attention to ensure maximum protection even in the case of delicate products or accessories (such as wine bottles or light bulbs).