How a rainbow is created - Rippotai for La Community 27

Rippotai per la Community 27
“The rainbow arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Marija Pejčinović Burić -Secretary General of the Council of Europe on the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia..

How a rainbow is created?

La bandiera arcobaleno

It was June 25, 1978 when the rainbow flag first flew at San Francisco Gay Pride.

Until then, the symbol was a pink triangle , the same one with which the Nazis branded the uniforms of homosexuals in concentration camps .

Gilbert Baker, American artist and activist and Harvey Milk wanted to overcome this symbol with negative meanings and chose the rainbow, "Something beautiful, something that came from us and not that was put on us".

“Our sexuality is of all colors, of all genders, races and ages.”
Gilbert Baker

Since then, the rainbow has been the flag that represents pride and the struggle for the rights of the LGBTI world.

La Community 27 Pride Walk

La Pride Walk de La Community 27

It is in this light that you understand that what at first glance may seem only a colored walkway, is actually a symbol of inclusion and attention to diversity .

We are talking about La Community 27 , the hospitality project that was born around Rimini's bathroom 27, of which the Pride Walk catwalk is a symbol.

Side by side with many other participants we gathered at the beginning of the season to give voice to the values of equality, solidarity, respect and tolerance by painting together the Pride Walk catwalk in rainbow colors.

Rippotai, the green line of the rainbow

Rippotai per La Community 27

La Community 27 is a project that we loved right away, the natural meeting of our two realities, both of them Innovatori Responsabiliwho work for a sustainable future to be left to the new generations, with a goal that we make ours, as citizens, as parents and as entrepreneurs.

We have brought all our “green experience” to La Community 27 in designing eco-sustainable routes.

So that's how Rippotai for La Community 27, the green home decor collection which supports social inclusionand respect for the dignity of people and the environment.

This is how Rippotai per La Community was born 27 , the home decor green collection was born around the themes of inclusion, dignity and respect for people and the environment: Rippotai for La Community 27. Inspired by the wonderful experience that people had at the beginning of the summer at La Community 27, coloring the walkway on the beach with the colors of the rainbow, we created a pattern representing the moment and the values. A rainbow that is created and is completed brushstroke after brushstroke, exchange after exchange: the responsibility becomes everyone's. To protect this symbol we have put another one, a person to whom Stefano of La Community 27 wanted to dedicate summer 2021: Marcella di Folco.

Marcella Di Folco, the noble revolution

Marcella Di Folco

Marcella di Folco was the first transsexual in the world elected to public office.

Daughter of a fascist hierarch, was born as Marcello in Rome in '43, in a historical period in which not only LGBTI rights are not recognized, but not even conceived.
lei Born and raised in post-war Italy, a long way from 1968, the years of the battle for civil rights.

Marcella's story is a story of struggles, severely marked by an Italy that she could not, nor did she know, recognize the rights of diversity. A story impossible to condense in a few lines.

Marcella, throughout her life, lived on herself the scars of an unrecognized identity , for which she fought hard, both personally and politically, to seeking recognition of the dignity and equality of all.

The moral arc

"the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."
Martin Luther King


Paraphrased by Marija Pejčinović Burić - Secretary General of the Council of Europe, the famous sentence by Martin Luther King in turn takes up the words of a sermon by Pastor Theodore Parker from 1853 on the need to abolish slavery:

"I don't pretend to understand the moral universe.
The arc is long. My eye reaches only small parts of it.
I can't predict the curve and complete the figure based on visual experience .
I can guess it thanks to my conscience. And from what I see, I am sure it tends towards justice ".

The bow tends towards justice only if people push it , together with concrete actions that recognize and support dignity and equal rights of neighbor, without distinction of gender, religion, race, opinion.

Being sustainable also means this.

Discover the collection: Rippotai for La Community 27