A new sound experience

The inclusive musical pouf: SOUNDPOTAI

The new Rippotai audio speakers for home and office spread sound in a multi-sensory way

SOUNDPOTAI is a patented musical pouf, made with sustainable materials. It connects with any Bluetooth device and spreads the sound thanks to the vibrations of the cardboard. A listening experience not only with the ears, the vibrations are transmitted throughout the body giving you a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

The musical pouf

Wellbeing for everyone: even the deaf feel it

Soundpotai becomes an object of active inclusiveness that helps overcome inequalities and improve people's lives through communication and relationships with others. It can be used as a pouf but can also be "hugged", stimulating other parts of the body and outlining a new boundary between one's body and the outside world.

Pouf musicale Soundpotai Large TV

Musical pouf Soundpotai is not only music

Being sustainable

Love for the environment but also putting the well-being of all people at the center of your commitment, even those who can't hear.

Welfare: not just benefits on "paper"

Look at the well-being of your collaborators and employees, and when you talk about welfare also think about their spaces for focus and relaxation

Inclusive events

Accessibility even when listening. Organize an event that involves all the senses and is inclusive for everyone.

Soundpotai works so well that even deaf people can hear it, seriously.

Special prize mention from Emilia Romagna Region

Thanks to the ability to make music perceived even through touch, the musical pouf makes any environment accessible, inclusive, welcoming and stimulating to a wide variety of users, including those with hearing disabilities.

It involves the sense of touch and hearing

It reduces stress and promotes calm, creating an ideal environment to recharge your energy during moments of relaxation. Take the gaming experience to a higher level by placing the gamer at the center of the game. Improves concentration and creativity.

This music for the planet

Rippotai's sound seats are designed and produced in sturdy, FSC-certified cardboard. The VOC FREE inks used in printing do not release harmful substances into the air. Soundpotai was designed to be assembled without glue and to diffuse sound omnidirectionally in a natural way.

Music is Democracy

Multisensory spaces accessible to all

All Soundpotai main features

Soundpotai by Rippotai offers you many advantages. First of all a natural and vibrant sound. With the Bluetooth connection and battery power, you can move it anywhere and allow you to listen to what you want. You don't need to buy more than one to get the stereo effect, the sound of Soundpotai spreads into the room in a stereophonic way. Furthermore, by purchasing Sounpotai you also have a piece of furniture that you can use as a pouf or as a coffee table, integrating perfectly with your rooms.

Inclusivity at home and office

Soundpotai creates the right atmosphere for everyone, at home as well as in the office. From the display of your device you adjust the volume, choose the playlist, but there's more. By sitting on the Soundpotai you will be able to immerse yourself in listening to music thanks to the sound vibrations that will envelop your body. And whether it's the company focus room or the living room of your home, the relaxing vibrations of the pouf will help you recharge your energy.

Gaming experience

SOUNDPOTAI takes the gaming experience to the next level. Comfortable and exciting, the musical bean bag allows you to feel at the center of the game, with a realistic and natural sound.

People at the centre

The story of a meeting that was anything but silent

Rippotai met a cooperative that takes care of deaf children, who were able to preview Soundpotai. The result was exciting.

Social cooperative

Doppio Ascolto

"For our deaf children there
music is not accessible. Soundpotai, the ecological musical pouf, was able to give our children (and not only them) the emotion of perceiving music in a way they didn't know. (…) Such an instrument really has a lot of potential, we will not limit ourselves to listening to music, but we will also use it to transmit to children the tactile and bodily sensation of many other noises that surround them. (…) It can also become a tool to support speech production."


  • With SOUNDPOTAI you can play music or listen to podcasts or audiobooks in a comfortable and engaging way.
  • Inside, a mini Blutetooth amplifier controls two small vibration transmitters which in turn propagate sound waves on the surface of the pouf, creating a clean and natural sound.
  • To turn on SOUNDPOTAI, open the retractable lid, operate the amplifier switch and connect it via Bluetooth with your device.
  • It connects to the mains or can be used on batteries.
  • Instructions included.

Soundpotai is conceived above all as a seat, so of course, it can bear a weight of more than 90 Kg.

SOUNDPOTAI is the patented musical pouf that transforms listening to music into an inclusive and multisensory experience by replicating the same physical principle of the sound boxes of musical instruments. The pouf transmits sound vibrations to the body, it does so in such an enveloping way that it also allows people with hearing impairments to perceive music.

SOUNDPOTAI is made entirely of sturdy and resistant FSC certified cardboard, designed to be assembled with joints and without using glue. The different graphics and textures available are printed with GreenGuard Voc Free certified inks, this means that SOUNDPOTAI does not release harmful substances into the air.

SOUNDPOTAI è disponibile anche con l'IVA al 4%. Questa versione è riservata alle persone che hanno diritto all'agevolazione dell'iva ridotto. Potranno inviarci i documenti che attestano tale diritto a info@rippotai.it.

  • Soundpotai is available in two different dimensions: (base x height x depth)

40 x 40 x 40 cm

80 x 40 x 40 cm

  • Materials: we have selected an ultra-resistant and ecological FSC-certified cardboard with a thickness of 1.4 cm which ensures a sturdy and comfortable
  • The lid is retractable
  • The internal structure guarantees stability to the seat, supports over 90 kgWe have designed the integrated handles so you can easily transport it anywhere
  • The graphics inks are VOC FREE certified: long-lasting, natural, non-toxic, ecological
  • The assembly is carried out with the exclusive Rippotai joint system without glue
  • Electrical accessories included: electric power supply
  • 30 Watt Bluetooth amplifier
  • The design and production are 100% made in Italy, made in our laboratories

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