Music Is Democracy

Soundpotai: everyone hears it, even the deaf


Even the deaf hear it, don't you believe it?

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In tune with you

Soundpotai is a patented Bluetooth musical pouf that can be used in any home environment. And in addition to being ethical, it is truly eco-sustainable. It is made entirely of sturdy and resistant cardboard, assembled with joints and without using glue. Available with different patterns and textures that will perfectly match the spaces of your rooms. The inks are non-toxic and water based.

How the diffusion of sound vibrations occurs

Inside Soundpotai two sound wave generators (not traditional speakers, therefore), connected to the bluetooth amplifier, transmit sound vibrations to the walls of the pouf which, vibrating in turn, spread the sound in the air. The entire ottoman turns into an omnidirectional stereo speaker.
Soundpotai connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth device (smartphone, tablet, smart TV, PC ...) or alternatively you can use a normal audio cable. With battery power, you can move it and use it everywhere.


Doppio ascolto

For our deaf children, music is not accessible. Soundpotai, the ecological musical pouf was able to give our children (and others) the thrill of perceiving music, in a way they did not know. (…) Such an instrument has a lot of potential, we will not limit ourselves to listening to music, but we will also use it to transmit to children the tactile and bodily sensation of many other noises that surround them. (…) It can also become a support tool for speech production.


music therapy

The vibration that Soundpotai generates is perceived through touch. The deaf person comes into “contact” with the sound by translating an important part of the sound into perceptible stimuli through the body, especially the medium and low frequencies. Soundpotai can be used as a pouf but it can also be "embraced" by stimulating other parts of the body and outlining a new boundary between your body and the outside world. Based on the experience given by professional music therapy, Soundpotai can enhance the functions of sound perception, sound attention, sound and speech discrimination. It becomes an object of active inclusiveness that helps to overcome inequalities and improve people's lives through communication and relationships with others. Soundpotai, designed to be part of the home decor, is always ready for use.