From "women and engines" to "women and music".

Da donne e motori a donne e musica al Festival di Sanremo 2022

Virtually everything has been said about the woman, and on time there is the risk of making a mistake or being trivial. On one thing, however, we all agree: the presence of the conductor woman expressed this year at the most important festival of Italian music has taken on a different role, less obvious and less confined to the mere curiosity to observe the outfits chosen for the descent of the stairs. In Sanremo, strong personalities alternated, women who each brought a different and socially significant message to the stage. We decided to capture a peculiarity of the lifestyle or way of life of each of them to create a "Sanremo 2022 Edition" of our Soundpotai.

A small gesture, such as the choice of totally ecological products for the make-up of the evening, which reveals a great attention for our environment and for the future of the planet by one of the icons of Italian cinema.


The delicate reading of a passage from a book dedicated to racism, which makes us understand how sadly absurd it is to bring the theme of skin colour in 2022. 

The sympathy of a fictional character, who suddenly becomes famous also on television for being the spokesperson for feminine elegance and for a noun that has supplanted diversity: the uniqueness of every human being  to fully express their identity. 

The clean beauty of a young actress known to the public for playing a woman who not only went beyond her disability, but made it a lever and a strength to face personal and professional life with a deep sense of justice.

We close with the spontaneity and truthfulness of an icon of Italian television and cinema who with extreme simplicity says to all Italians: "But why does my presence necessarily have to be linked to a problem?".


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