When I grow up I wanna be a designer

Da grande voglio fare il designer

At the end of the school year the work-related training project " Sustainability and Visual " in collaboration with ISISS Einaudi Molari of Rimini, a stimulating project for all the subjects involved: for us at Rippotai, for teachers and young students who have learned to deal with the timing of a company and the needs of the market.

The result are  beautiful works which have as common point:  imagination and innovation .
For each of the two classes involved we have chosen - not without difficulty, given the many worthy proposals - a pattern to be transformed into real products.

Two very different and at the same time innovative projects that perfectly marry the stylistic code of Rippotai and fully represent the world of our children, the most playful soul that merges with a more meditative soul.
Both works arise from deep thoughts, which forced the students to get in touch with their creative vein and with suggestions related to sustainability to bring to light a pattern of great aesthetic impact and a deep introspective meaning.

From Trentino to Hanna & Barbera

 Acid Wood graphics by Andrea Monticelli

“Thinking about the various types of eco-sustainable materials, I focused on wood: when I went to Trentino for vacation I have always been attracted by the rustic style typical of local houses.
My research then started by collecting images in which this material predominates.
Hence the idea of ​​ recreating the texture of a tree trunk.
The upper part of the cube on which I applied the image wants to remember the inside of the trunk while the external faces recall the motifs of the bark. " Andrea Monticelli - Acid Wood graphics

Without falling into banality, Andrea managed to give graphic design the right representation that each of us has, of ​​the bark of a trunk idea, creating a fresh and playful texture. The combination of contrasting and acid colors did the rest giving to the project a hint of Pop Art.

This is how Acid Wood pattern was born, an unexpected pattern that reminds the famous cartoons of Hanna & Barbera revisited in a modern way.

It was fun to cover our storage pouf with Acid Wood pattern, as well as it will amaze who will want to match them with their home decor, conferring character for a style that wants to dare.

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Acid Wood storage pouf

Ottoman container Acid Wood

The poetry of life

 Itaca graphics by Samuel Giorgetti

The second project could not have been more different: a calligraphic choice with handcrafted implications created a poetic and at the same time elegant texture , perfect to combine with a minimal or shabby chic furniture.

"My project was born from the combination of ink and poetry, this is because ink is considered an element of very ancient origin that has kept its shape intact over time: it can therefore be considered an element which recalls the origin of poetry.
I worked on the text "Ithaca" by Kostantino Kavafis composed in 1911, which symbolizes the origin, reason and at the same time the destination of the journey that every man makes through life.
The development of the project took place manually with nib and ink on paper, on which stanzas of the poem were reproduced with a calligraphic writing. " Samuel Giorgetti - Ithaca graphics

This is how the texture was born: the perfect pattern for the most intimate and elegant atmospheres, a refined brush movement, with black and white calligraphic scrolls that sway sinuously along the entire cube, perfect for covering a storage ottoman and a table lamp that create an harmonious atmosphere.

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Itaca table lamp Itaca table lamp

Everything has a conclusion but also a beginning

We asked Andrea and Samuel to tell us what they bring with themselves from this experience.

"I had the opportunity to tackle a project that was a little different from the usual in terms of typology, I had never had the opportunity to work on patterns to be applied to a design object.
Working with the real timelines of a company was another novelty, we usually have much more time to tackle a project. " Andrea Monticelli
"This experience made me think a lot about my future.
Having had the opportunity to work with a start-up company, with a different philosophy from the others in the region, allows you to open your horizons and understand how many areas and in how many different forms can visual design act. ”Samuel Giorgetti

Speaking with all the students involved in the project, we had the confirmation that their path has been very formative and that they will remember it for a long time.

Also for the teachers it was a confirmation of the validity of the project with some unexpected implications.

"I expected to offer a stimulating experience coming directly from the world of work.
Usually the students are more and more involved when dealing with people outside the school.
I was also very curious to see how they moved in front of a design project at the end of their studies ... A sort of field test of the skills acquired in 5 years.

Some students who were not very active worked hard ... someone applied the experience of the calligraphy workshop done years ago ... I didn't think it was possible ... usually they tend to forget the laboratory activities carried out in the past .. . "Daniela Gravina teacher in the 2 classes

For us, on the other hand, it was a great discovery to finding most of the students already projected towards their future and we are proud to have been able to transmit the indications of a professional and at the same time sustainable path.


Although thanks are generally a must, for us they are an honor: in time of DAD and Smart working it was challenging to be able to transmit our project online - and in a short time - planning, but we found ourselves in front of people who are open and proactive, curious and with a great desire to learn who certainly made it easier for us.
For this we want to thank:

  • Daniela Gravina , teacher of ISISS Einaudi Molari in Rimini who contacted us to create together a stimulating experience coming directly from the world of work
  • Federico Magli , teacher of the ISISS Einaudi Molari of Rimini who followed the classes along the way and was able to guide, with a great spirit of mediation, the students from study to realization 
  • the students of the 5th D and 5th E classes of the ISISS Einaudi Molari of Rimini who were able to get involved and create new interesting ideas and points of view.

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