Design, shapes and colors in 2022: a great desire for natural creativity.

Design, forme e colori 2022: tanta voglia di creatività al naturale.

New habits make us rethink how to relate to our home and work environments. The spaces become welcoming nests, relaxing places in which to spend several hours of our day. Comfort, technology but also a lot of research for natural elements. New solutions integrate nature, design and eco-sustainability in the furniture and in the personalization of spaces. Literally the nature enters the house in the form of innovative and surprising shapes such as floral walls or ceilings inspired by biophilia.

The atmospheres in the home are the result of the dialogue between different styles such as the country, the vintage they seventies. Everything is calibrated to report positivity And heat in the interior spaces. After years of minimalism in the home, its exact opposite also reappears, the maximalism, with a very strong mix & match of materials and colors: velvet, wood, animal print, wild forests, handcraft.


It is no coincidence that the most cited hashtag in relation to home decor is on social media Cottagecore with Zero And Grandmillenial, a term that combines “grandma” and “millennial”. The sense of belonging to one's home becomes stronger, every detail is taken care of and customized to perfection to enhance the central role of nature that is proposed in the furnishings and decorations of artisan inspiration, however made in a conscious and sustainable way.

The geometry of the shapes is the perfect mix between one square style and essential and the round, which softens the most angular corners by introducing roundness and arches. The sinuous lines recall nature in all its reassuring forms (the sun, the moon, the womb) and trigger a sense of relief that creates greater depth in the spaces.

The right palette of trendy colors is promptly indicated by Pantone with its color of the year 2022: Very Peri, a light blue-violet that picks up the tonality periwinkle blue of the homonymous flower. The 2022 shade becomes the testimonial of our joyful and lively desire to restart in the name of creativity and imagination. In chromotherapy, together with blue and turquoise, periwinkle blue is the anti-anxiety and anti-stress color par excellence. Very Peri is combined with bright colors and tints inspired by nature, even if they are dark and neutral.

How do you manage to mix all these design trends without making a mistake? The answer is by no means obvious; in combinations the right balance but also to follow your own instincts and personal taste. So be careful not to overdo it.