Ecological cardboard desks for Ja Italia

Desk in cartone ecologici per Ja Italia

We thank JA Italia for leaving us a wonderful review.

JA Italia is a non-profit organization that deals with civic and entrepreneurial education in schools.

They purchased a#DESK customizableRippotai, they have used it on many traveling occasions, moving it with ease.

desk in cartone personalizzato

Here she is#review who left us:

"We used your desks for three student fairs that took place last April in Padua, Udine and Rovereto, and we were very satisfied! The events were one after the other so for 3 days we assembled, dismantled and transported the desks around north-eastern Italy. In this way we were able to appreciate the intuitive assembly and durability, as well as the design and the possibility of customisation.

The staff mainly works smart working from home in different regions of the country. Our local and national events take place mainly between April and June. Given the excellent experience, we will certainly take you into consideration for the supplies of our future events. Thanks so much again!"