Earth Day - plant a seed

Earth Day 2021, la più importante giornata mondiale della Terra

Every little step we take towards sustainability is a seed to make the world a better place to live.

Sustainable is leaving a land better than we inherited it, not consuming resources and rather producing new ones, ready for the new generations.
Earth Day, April 22nd , is the most important day of global mobilization for the sustainable future of the Earth.

Butterfly effect

Can the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?
It is the butterfly effect , the butterfly effect that explains how even the smallest action seemingly insignificant, it has an impact on the rest of the world.

Every little step we take is a seed to make the world a better place to live.

 Earth Day 2021 - we dedicate a seed to you

Rippotai, always at the forefront of sustainability, for this 51st Earth Day has chosen to plant the seed: we bought 10 cocoa trees on Treedom , trees that will be planted by local farmers in Cameroon.

The tree of joy

Individuals and communities are daily custodians of biodiversity which is the true wealth of our planet.
We are all interconnected: taking care of local communities, recognizing the rights of each people is to take care of us and the entire planet we live on.
This is why on this day we have chosen to support Treedom: with a small gesture, we support the local economy of Cameroon where our trees will be planted, we participate in training projects and financial support of the indigenous population, so that the fruits of the plants are fruits of joy for all of us.

-550 Kg.

No, it is not a crash diet prescribed by Dr. Nowzaradan, but it is the pounds of CO2 captured by our cocoa trees.
The trees we have chosen to plant absorb a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere that would be enough to fill 4,231 basketballs!

"We like to work on the present thinking about the future of the planet, a green planet liveable for future generations that is not a victim of today's choices."

Elena Lazzerini Monaco & amp; Tito Intoppa - founders of Rippotai