Father's day - 5 gift ideas for Father's day

Festa del Papà 2021 - 5 idee regalo per la festa del papà

5 fun gift ideas for Father's Day

Ties, handmade crafts are the classic gifts, but if you really want to amaze your dad this year, read this

guide with 5 gift ideas for Father's Day

fun, useful and above all eco-friendly

1) Personalized picture with children's drawings


Father's Day gift idea - Personalized picture with children's drawing

Your children's drawings are wonderful memories that, however, can be ruined over time.

So how about printing your little one's drawings on a personalized picture?

So you can hang your printed design on the wall, create compositions with a picture for each year and build a thread of memories over time!

Send us a photo of the drawing and we will print it on the eco-sustainable, made in Italy and super resistant picture frame

👉 The squares can be found here: Squares to customize

2) The Bubble Lantern bottle holder

Father's Day gift idea - Table lamp bottle holder < / a>

If dad is a lover of good wine, what better than presenting the bottle in an elegant gift box ?
The Bubble Lantern is the bottle holder of 'author that transforms itself into an elegant table lamp for dad's office or study.

👉 The Bubble Lantern can be found here: Bubble lantern

3) "Save water Drink beer" picture

 Father's Day gift idea - funny picture

Or is dad a beer lover?
Then give him the funny picture "Save water drink beer" that he can hang in your room or in your kitchen.

👉 The picture "Save water drink beer" can be found here: Picture of Save Water Drink beer

4) Photo holder

 Father's Day gift idea - ecological photo frame

The photo frame is a classic, but ours are more than just frames , they are eco-friendly style icons, perfect for the office desk where it will remember all the family ... that keeps an eye on it!
The frames are customizable in 3 different variants: Stars, Shabby Chic and Queen of Chess.

👉 The photo frames can be found here: Photo frame

5) Mustache storage container


Is dad an incurable mess? Help him keep everything in order with the Mustaches container. efined, with a typically masculine cut , it is the ideal place to store magazines, bills and those objects that do not find their place.
And at the end of a long day's work it is perfect for stretching your feet and resting!

👉 The Mustaches container can be found here: Mustaches container pouf

Ecological and Made in Italy gifts

Whatever your choice, all our products are eco-sustainable, created with recyclable materials that do not release harmful substances into the environment.

They are also all Made in Italy, with the care of production - from raw material to processing - which guarantees a high quality product.