Personalized and plantable gadgets for the Pink Lady Bike Tour

Gadget personalizzati e piantabili per il Bike Tour Pink Lady

Rippotai has created personalized and plantable gadgets for @pinkladyitalia, la#mela tastiest there is!

Pink Lady® organized an e-bike tour that took place in the Faenza area, an area hit hard by the damage of the recent flood.

Honey seed bombs, so loved by bees, were "launched" as a sign of rebirth and to safeguard biodiversity.

An original and innovative gadget that is TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE, a product that does not emit Co2 but absorbs it, an ideal way to convey the sustainability of your brand.

The apples were made from FSC cardboard printed with Greenguard certified and VOC free non-toxic inks - Made in Italy

Reusable as a key ring or cable winder, they contain a ball of seeds in natural clay, to be placed in the ground and wet.

gadget personalizzato piantabile

If you also want to make your event unique with eco-friendly and customizable objects, call us!

Together we can make a difference :-)