Personalized gadgets for hotels: the Residenza Alma case history in Riccione

Gadget personalizzati per hotel: la case History Residenza Alma di Riccione

Hotels that are committed to sustainability are also on the rise here on the Romagna Riviera.

Resindenza Alma is an excellent example of this, in addition to choosing part of our furnishings to decorate their rooms, this summer they have chosen our plantable and ecological gadgets.

 gadget piantabili per hotel

Here is their commitment to the environment:

"We are offering this little designer gadget to every family this summer at Residenza AlmaRippotai - an eco-friendly fake flower with real flower seeds.

That is, a product that does not emit Co2 but absorbs it, an ideal way of conveying sustainability.

In addition to being very cute, original and fun, it has a clay heart with many small wildflower seeds ready to bloom. Organize a gardening activity with the children, crumble the ball with the seeds into a pot containing earth or in the garden. When the seeds germinate, they will become wildflowers that bees and butterflies will love.

The packaging can be used as a headphone wrapper, key ring, ornament..."