A painter's collection by Helene Cortese

Collezione Artpotai arte by Helene Cortese

The rooms of the house must not only be comfortable, but also have personality.

And what better opportunity than creating comfortable home decor accessories , which give character to the house, embellish the rooms and at the same time create real art corners inside the house ?

Artpotai the collection of painters

The painters' range  Artpotai was born from passion and love for art and beautiful things: "unique pieces" in limited edition designed by italian and international painters and artists.

The first collaboration, of which we are very proud, is with Helene Cortese : we met in the beautiful setting of the Fuori Salone in Milan and immediately we fell in love with her creations.

Who is Helene Cortese

Daughter of art and Degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Helene Cortese creates works of art with Matissian references, colorful and dreamlike atmospheres, inventing cheerful and precious worlds.

The Art Collection by Helene Cortese

Artpotai by Helene Cortese

Helene created for us two exclusive illustrations , in bright colors and dreamlike designs

  • the Urban Dream, an imaginary island where colored rainbows and oriental settings unite invisible worlds on which to glide from above as in a dream
  • the Dream Jungle, a forest corner populated by pink flamingos and lively toucans strolling in the midst of lush nature

There are two decor accessories that compose this first, multicolored artistic collection:

  • the wallpaper
  • the screens

The Artistic wallpaper by Helene Cortese

The screen is instead the touch of color for your home that recreates a corner of privacy inside your rooms.
The living room is thus transformed into a relaxation corner that coexists with the space for smart working and the study corner.
In the children's bedroom the divider" hides "the play area for the little ones with joy and gives an always tidy look to the room.

Whether it's the decoration for the walls or the divider for the rooms, give your home, give yourself, a real corner of art that cheers and embellishes your furniture.

👉 Separé Art Dream Jungle by Helene Cortese

👉 Separé Art Urban Dream by Helene Cortese

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