Valentine's day gift ideas

Idee regalo San Valentino

7 eco-friendly gift ideas for Valentine's Day:
a guide to gift ideas for him and for her 

Every year, on February 14th we celebrate Valentine's Day, the lovers day.
Taken by a thousand daily commitments, you risk to fail to find the time to think about the gift for him or for her.

And Valentine's Day is approaching, it looks at you from the calendar, getting closer and closer.

And then, a useful gift or a fancy gift? The eternal dilemma.

In short, lots of questions, but we are here to help you!
Enjoy this party in complete relaxation: this guide gives you a selection of gift ideas perfect for your beloved one, to show your devotion in an original way.

Useful gift or fancy gift?

Useful gift or a fancy gift for Valentine's Day?

Undecided whether a useful gift or a fanciful gift?
We will immediately give you the solution: all our products are useful, original, eco-sustainable and Made in Italy gift ideas: 

  • useful because they are the result of a careful functional design study
  • original because they were created by our designers with particular attention to aesthetics and never banal
  • eco-sustainable because the entire supply chain - from the material, to the processing, to the finished product - follows the principles of the circular economy and the lowest environmental impact with a view to green home decor accessories and recyclable at the end of their life
  • made in Italy because the raw materials and the production are Italian, preferring local supply chain

The romantic gift for her and for him

1) "Love" Collection

We have an entire range of "Love" products for her and him

Love squares

 gift ideas for St. Valentino - Love eco-friendly picture

A declaration of love for design and home and interior decoration, 4 squares that together make up the word "Love", to be assembled however you like!

Wall decoration" Love! " Wallpotai


Love colored stora gecubes

 Valentine's Day gift ideas - Love ecological container cubes

The multipurpose storage cube Rippotai with Love pattern is a real design piece of furniture.

The cube 18 is ideal in any room at home, on shelves, tables or bedside tables as space-saving container

The largest cstorage cube can be used as a container within your library or to keep books, clothes, and everything that creates disorder in the house in order.

Cube Small colored container Rippotai 18 graphics Love

Colorful container cube with large Love graphics

Love seat pouf

Valentine's Day gift ideas - Love seat pouf eco-sustainable

The colorful design stool Poufpotai is an original container pouf that furnishes any room in the house with joy and style.
Comfortable and resistant, you can use it as a footrest for your moments of relaxation and at the same time as a pouf container for blankets, magazines and everything you want to keep within reach by hand, but not in sight.

Colorful design stool Graphic poufpotai Love

2) Bubble Lantern lamp bottle holder

Valentine's Day gift ideas - eco-friendly lantern bottle holder

If your soul mate is a good wine lover and design objects , our suggestion is Bubble Lantern bottle holder .
It is a precious bottle holder that becomes a romantic table lamp

The bottle holder lamp design Bubble Lantern

3) Lamps from the Stars range

 Valentine's Day gift ideas - ecological lamps stars

Standing or suspension , the lamps of the stars range are the touch of magic for the rooms that will accompany your most romantic moments in the long winter evenings.

Stars Lampotai 24 table lamp with stars

Pendant lamp with Stars Lampotai 24 stars

The customized gift

4) Customized picture

 Valentine's Day gift ideas - ecological customizable paintings

Do you want to express your love with special words?
You can create your customized picture , the one that talks about your Love, in a unique and unforgettable way.
Choose the image and the words or rely on one of our designers who will be able to suggest the right idea to express your love. The important thing is to leave your other half speechless.

Paintings Wallpotai wall clock

5) Photo frames

 Valentine's Day gift ideas - ecofriendly photo frame

The original photo frame that frames your special memories: the first kiss, the special trip to the end of the world or behind the house, your selfie that, every time you see it, makes you smile .

Photo frames and frames

Original gift ideas

Stop the usual chocolates or bouquets of flowers! Do you want to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with an original gift?

6) Soundpotai - the pouf that surprises


In busy times, how about treating yourself to some music therapy?
Soundpotai is the musical eco-friendly  pouf and with a sound soul: the sturdy seat turns into a speaker that spreads your favorite playlist throughout the room with a deep and warm sound.

Soundpotai graphics Love

Sound pouf with other graphics

7) Artpotai Artist Creations

Valentine's Day gift ideas - Artpotai line

If your him or her is a lover of art and beautiful things, you can't miss the line Artpotai : author's creations created exclusively for us by the best Italian and international artists of the moment.

"Unique" and limited edition pieces that create a real design corner with an artist's touch in the home.

Impress your partner with a high quality Made in Italy gift for Valentine's Day, design and with an eco-sustainable soul that improves the life of those who give them and those who receive them.


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