The good news: Italy is gold medal in Europe for circular economy

Le buone Notizie: Italia medaglia d'oro in Europa per l'Economia circolare

We doubled the other European countries: Italy is the first country in Europe for recycling with 79% of waste recycled, followed by France (56%) , UK (50%) and Germany (43%). ( Source Eurostat ) < / p>

Italy is historically poor in raw materials  for production, so we had to invent them: they are the " secondary raw materials ", they come from recovery that arise from separate waste collection and their reuse.

We have improved the recycling cycle, invested in research and infrastructures and created a virtuous chain of circular economy.

Recycling paper and cardboard frees your breath

Recycle paper and cardboard frees your breath

5 million tons recovered paper and cardboard then recycled in production, freed our air from more than 4 million tons of CO2 and harmful emissions.

We know all of this in Rippotai. For us the solutions are winning when we manage to create objects that at the end of their life can be reintroduced into the production cycle , creating a virtuous circle that applies the principles of the circular economy.

It seems trivial, but to put it into practice you have to work hard. For example? At Rippotai we never throw away processing waste.

"Don't throw them away! We reuse them in Rippotai"

 machining to be reused in Rippotai

We have a fun sign inside the production area that reads: "Don't throw them away! We'll reuse them in Rippotai".
It is
the corner where we accumulate some production scraps , which we will then try to introduce back into the production cycle creating new products .
Who comes to visit us and read this sentence, always dedicates a small smile to her. We are sure that every time we also leave a seed in them that will sprout.

Just as it often happens to to give part of these "waste" to laboratories and associations with which children allow themselves to be inspired by the culture of sustainability, forming the awareness of their future choices.

Eco-sustainability is our prerequisite: in nature there is no waste, everything is recyclable.