The eco-friendly wallpaper

Carta da parati ecologica

It is almost a thousand years old but it does not look like it, it is constantly evolving and always ready to renew itself. What are we talking about? Of the wallpaper.


WALLPOTAI, the modern wallpaper

There are those who love it madly and those who have always looked at it with a bit of fear at their grandmother's house, it is certain that in recent years the wallpaper has returned to be talked about, especially in the field of home décor. The reason? Simple: the modern wallpaper allows you to decorate rooms quickly, easily and as far as Wallpotai is concerned in total autonomy.


Things you need to know about wallpaper

The visual impact, by now we know, is not everything: health and the environment are fundamental aspects in the choice of materials and furnishing components that we bring into the environments we live in, and as you know our mission is that to make these environments increasingly comfortable, safe, healthy and stimulating.

We now spend many hours inside closed spaces and, even if we do not realize it, we absorb all the substances present in the environment through the respiratory system and the skin. Obviously, if the substances present are noxious or harmful we will have more or less serious negative effects, and this is why the choice of the right wallpaper becomes of fundamental importance. 

Hence the idea of creating WALLPOTAI, a truly eco-sustainable wallpaper with an original design. Discover the Rippotai wallpaper collections.

WALLPOTAI, made in Italy wallpaper, ecological, recyclable and designed according to the principles of eco-design

Born under the sign of environmental sustainability, Wallpotai wallpaper is one of those products we are proud of for a few simple reasons:

It is a ready-to-use product that does not require third-party labor 
  • Available in rolls of 60 x 280
  • Easy to apply and quick to dry 
  • It has a unique and original design, exclusively made in Italy
  • It is made of FSC certified paper and with non-toxic inks
  • PVC-free
  • IT DOESN'T NEED GLUE, the back is adhesive and is activated with water
  • It is a single material product, therefore COMPLETELY RECYCLABLE
  • It is flame resistant C-s1 with EN 13501-1 certification as per European CE standard

Our goal is to minimize exposure to polluting sources in the rooms where we stay more frequently but at the same time make these environments pleasant places. If we do not have the opportunity to live in buildings designed in ecological terms, we can still contribute to the creation of healthy spaces and think about the protection of our health. 


It's the details that make the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary

Francis Atterbury

Details such as those that can be customized in private, commercial and public premises thanks to the use of WALLPOTAI wallpaper. Do you want to create focal points by decorating only some elements within an environment? You can contact us for a quote.

All colored, geometric or drawn: choose your wallpaper.