The eco-friendly House

La casa Eco-sostenibile in piccoli passi quotidiani

how to live the rooms of the house in a sustainable way

Sustainability, sustainable living, never as today are words that have become part of our jargon.

From Greta Thunberg onwards, green living has become an act of awareness and a matter of personal and collective responsibility.

Not only food, but also living and managing the house, with small, simple daily steps can make a difference for the environment and for our pockets.

The eco-friendly house

small steps of daily awareness

There are behaviors that you can apply right from the design of the house, such as designing with bio-compatible materials that immediately achieve energy and environmental savings.

But if you live in a house that has already been built, you can apply small daily tricks that help you and the planet live better.

The water softener that also softens bills

Use a water softener for plumbing systems: it keeps your system efficient and helps you save money.

Water without limescale helps reduce maintenance costs of appliances by up to 10% and saves up to 5% on bills of gas and light and up to 50% on detergents for the home and body.

Light up the world

20% of the world's electricity consumption comes from lighting and the simple act of turning off the lamps you don't use allows you to save up to about 60 € each. year.

Led bulbs are environmentally friendly bulbs. Against a higher initial cost, they have a very long life compared to old incandescent bulbs, and allow savings of up to 90% on bills.

A fully responsible

Use washing machine and dishwasher fully loaded and if not necessary avoid washing at 60 ° or more, but wash at low temperatures: most some of the detergents already work at 30 °.

Less is more

You already know that it is better to use ecological and sustainable detergents for both clothes and household, but did you know that more detergent does not mean more cleaning ? On the contrary, it means wasting and releasing useless substances into the environment, so use only the necessary quantities.