Our collaboration with Pink Lady® gives life to a limited edition lantern

On Valentine's Day, illuminate your love for the environment with Kami by Rippotai Limited
Edition for Pink Lady®, the eco-friendly paper LED lantern designed to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere on the occasion of Valentine's Day.



Pink Lady®, the sustainable Italian premium apple with a heart-shaped sticker, has always been a friend of biodiversity and very attentive to green issues. It was therefore easy to find a common plan on which to collaborate to create an object for the Valentine's Day in a limited edition entirely under the Pink Lady® brand.

The eco-friendly paper lantern
was therefore born from the unexpected encounter between food and design and thanks to the sharing of primary values: such as Made in Italy craftsmanship and commitment to the environment.

The commonality of inspirational values has therefore given life to an object with a unique design: the precious ecological papers selected by Rippotai are dressed in the institutional Pink Lady® pink.

The Kami limited edition LED lantern for Pink Lady® celebrates Valentine's Day to create a soft, warm and enveloping atmosphere in every corner of the house, a romantic and designer table centerpiece to give as a gift or to treat yourself on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

Inside the lantern is a touch LED lamp (with visible button), dimmable and rechargeable via USB.

On Valentine's Day, romance
is in the right light: Kami by Rippotai Limited Edition x Pink Lady®, the light that illuminates love for the environment. You can buy it here.

Watch the press review dedicated to the launch!