The Shelfpotai bookshelf

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Space at home, as we know, is never too much. Especially in recent years we have learned to manage our living spaces in an increasingly multifaceted way. 

One of the biggest challenges is to be able to adapt homes dynamically to new lifestyles, new rhythms and new needs. However, it is not always possible to overhaul the furnishings of the rooms, for reasons of space and for reasons of economic sustainability.

So why not imagine furnishing elements that we can flexibly compose and reassemble and that can dynamically follow the needs of use of the rooms throughout the day?

We designed the Shelfpotai bookcase thinking of a keyword: transformation. Each single module has been designed and designed to respond in an extremely versatile way to different daily needs.


separate of shelves in a practical and quick way so as to create a temporary space within the same room.



Do you want to hide document binders and cables? A module with the flap doors< puts everything in order in an elegant and functional way.


For wine connoisseurs, the Shelfpotai bookshop can become a delightful one cellar to display the most precious bottles and create the perfect atmosphere for aperitifs and dinners with friends.

There is also a module specially designed to become a comfortable one sitfor the four-legged inhabitants of the house.


Obviously, for lovers of reading, the majority cannot be missing classic shelves to accommodate the books.


The Shelfpotai can be customized to every style and taste, as all surfaces can be printed by choosing one or more graphics from those available.



The Shelfpotai bookcase is a piece of furniture with an exclusive design, made in monomaterialand composed of a double layer of 28mm thick cardboard which makes it as robust as wood but at the same time light and modular.


The combination of the different modules is quick and easy, thanks to an ad system integrated interlockingAnd without the use of glues which allows you to create countless compositions according to your taste and needs.

A 100% recyclable solution, ready to enter our homes and offices but also to continue its fantastic journey in the circular economy!