The Sustainable Lightness of honeycomb Cardboard

La sostenibile bellezza del cartone alveolare

When raw material becomes the project

"The eco-friendly transition is not only an energy transition, which is also necessary, urgent and indispensable, but it is a new way of being in the world".

Maria Rosaria Manieri, professor of Moral Philosophy

The new frontiers of eco-design

Universities and private researchers have been carrying out studies on the animal world for years, from which interesting and innovative solutions have arisen, unthinkable until a few years ago. We have learned that Nature is the best teacher, thanks to its evolutionary techniques that we have reported in everyday life in the form of products and applications.

Eco-design has taken up this challenge.
Through the study of innovative and sustainable materials applied to new construction techniques, it has made Living a concrete step towards Sustainability.

Lessons from bees

 Bee on the honeycomb

Why do bees build hexagonal cells?
Bees are famously perfect structural engineers. The hexagonal organization of their hives allows them to place each cell side by side, to optimize space without leaving useless gaps and at the same time to use the minimum building material:  wax.
The honeycomb structure thus becomes an extremely robust and at the same time light solution, perfect for building.

Honeycomb cardboard was born from these studies.
Material extremely versatile, robust but at the same time light, takes its inspiration from the hive: the hexagonal cell architecture placed between two flat cardboard structures is the core of a very resistant material, difficult to deform which maintains the recyclability and biodegradability typical of cardboard.

Decorate like bees

The world of eco-design was inspired by bees with the design of honeycomb cardboard, a material with truly unique characteristics: versatile, robust, light and sustainable.
It can be cut and shaped in every imaginable shape, printed with non-toxic water-based inks and ideal base for any decorative accessory and a solution where the only limit is the imagination.


The sustainable beauty of cardboard

 The beauty of honeycomb cardboard

Why we chose to use cardboard

If you have come this far you should have already understood: in Rippotai Sustainability is a concrete philosophy of life and business and cardboard fully represents it.
For our products we use both cardboard highly performing multi-wave, than honeycomb cardboard, more suitable for exposed furnishing accessories such as screens and wall pictures

The changing beauty of honeycomb cardboard

Rippotai decorative accessories have an ethical soul and we have decided to show it.
Chameleon, versatile, geometric, for our accessories we have decided to show  the complete beauty of cardboard with the cardboard details at sight.
Transforming and changeable, honeycomb cardboard has a life of its own that changes according to its cut.  The harmony of the honeycomb structure is enhanced by the inclined cut which allows you to admire the balanced perfection of the cells.
The vertical cut instead brings into view the geometrical structure of the elements that compose the harmonic framework of the cardboard with its material balance of spaces and ribs.
Cardboard, highly customizable, thus becomes the perfect material to give voice to your home, voice of ecological living and safe, but at the same time modular as needed to make your spaces welcoming and functional.