#LaRomagnaCheDona: the good and the beautiful of RomagnaDop, at auction against Covid19

La Romagna che dona

The solidarity auction #LaRomagnaCheDona involves companies and artisans from Romagna in support of the initiatives of the Pope John XXIII Community.
It is a campaign conceived by Rippotai and created together with Nuova Comunicazione.

The joint auction

RomagnaDOP entrepreneurs, producers, artisans and designers put creativity, services and products up for auction to demonstrate all their warmth and closeness to the people and the area in which they live and work.

The goal of the #LaRomagnaCheDona online campaign is to support the Pope John XXIII Community Association in a transparent and accountable manner .

The Association has been involved in the area for over 50 years in favor of the "last".
And in this period it has implemented numerous initiatives to contrast the COVID-19 emergency as one of the first Covid Hotel , the Royal Hotel in Cattolica, a reception facility for infected people who do not have a safe place to spend their quarantine.

The auction thus becomes the opportunity to do something concrete for the common good in a situation that sees us all involved.

Products and services are available from Saturday 18 April on the online platform of the Pope John XXIII Community Association at the link https://shop.apg23.org/brand/11-la-romagna-che-dona .

Rippotai and supportive design

In Rippotai we create innovative, sustainable, "future-capable" solutions that know how to combine the environment, people, society and economy in the right balance.

"We are convinced that the sustainable idea of ​​a circular economy passes above all through involvement in what is closest to us , in work as well as in personal life" - explained Elena Lazzerini Monaco and Tito Intoppa, founders of the startup Rippotai.
“We have the possibility to do it using the universal concept of beauty capable of awakening our senses. We do it through the food and wine, craftsmanship and design that distinguish this part of Italy called Romagna "

Design can make a significant contribution to responsibly steer innovation and development processes and lifestyles in a more sustainable direction.

Who offers the most?

The participants

#LaRomagnaCheDona is an initiative conceived by Rippotai created together with Nuova Comunicazione - Novacom Group, in collaboration with the Pope John XXIII Community.

The following have joined the initiative:

  • Art: Veronica Bronzetti - Davide Frisoni - Filippo Manfroni - Photo Paritani - Marina Vanni for Emporium Roberto Grassilli - Ineditart - Valeria Piccari - Augusto Leandro and Luana Stanzani
  • Food and wine: Amarcord Beer - Riviera Gin - Riccione Piadina
  • Design and Fashion: Caterina Nanni - Warm Hugs - Cellaimo - Indesirables - The Potter's Portico - The Dragonflies - The Lands of Veronica - Monica Para - Rippotai Ecodesign - Roberta Tura Creazioni - Rosamunda - Vboriccione for Viabizzuno Gioielli : Athena Gioielli - Lucemente - Whiteleaves
  • Music and cinema: Kristian Gianfreda - Daniele Torri - Federico Mecozzi
  • Services: Patty Chiari sailing boat - Yacht Club Rimini - Yep Tour & amp; Event
  • Wellness: Aurum Africa - The Waves Aesthetic Center - Hair Fashion Hairdressers Cattolica - RiminiTerme