Sustainable development - an Ethics choice

Lo sviluppo sostenibile, una questione di Etica

“Change starts with the little things, with the way you choose to live and work, hoping to contribute to the good of the environment for us and for future generations.
Sometimes a little creativity is enough.
Rippotai was created to give everyone the possibility of a concrete choice. "

Houston, we have a problem

Development sustainable, a question of ethics - intensive exploitation

Doing business with a short-term vision - earning whatever the cost to society - has caused irreparable damage to the planet.
Systematic exploitation of environmental and human resources has led to a general impoverishment of the earth of its inhabitants.

Rippotai, the big bang of two dreamers

Rippotai, a creative big bang

Two dreamers from apparently antithetical worlds - business and creativity - an aperitif under a willow and a sunny afternoon.
This is how Rippotai was born, a real creative big bang around a dream: contributing to a better world than the one inherited, starting from concrete, ethical, daily steps .

Eco-sustainability, a small step for man, a big step for Humanity

 Eco-sustainability in small steps

From the big bang were born planets and stars, from that of Rippotai a collection of ethical projects and eco-sustainable products was born.

The long-term sustainable well-being of people passes through good daily practices that create virtuous circles of environmental, social and economic sustainability.
This is the compass that marks the road to Rippotai:

  • support for green business projects
  • creation of eco-sustainable products , emotional and recyclable
  • partnership selected
  • respect for the worker in a healthy, constructive and creative working environment
  • collaborations with associations engaged in social work
  • culture of sustainability and projects in collaboration with associations and schools

Social responsibility beyond the product

A new way of doing business, Rippotai has embraced a ethical vision that goes beyond just making money.
Every job, every product is designed to have a global impact in the benefits, which must be distributed along the entire supply chain, from producers, to the product, to the consumer.

Materials, shapes and colors for personal and environmental well-being

Rippotai, products with a code of ethics

Each Rippotai furnishing accessory is not a simple object, but a set of emotions and functionality in harmony with the person and the ecosystem.

Hanging a Wallpotai painting, listening to music spread by a Soundpotai, sitting on a Poufpotai, is no longer just living your own spaces, but an active action of personal and environmental well-being .

Rippotai, the only eco-decoration with a respectable code of ethics , the environmental one