It's not just cardboard

Non è solo cartone, è prezioso

For each of us, freeing ourselves from preconceptions and our own beliefs is one of the most difficult actions to perform and concerns the most disparate areas of everyday life.

If we talk about materials, for example, cardboard is not exempt from one of the most well-known clichés, that of being an element with a strong perishable nature and low solidity.
Therefore, imagining making furniture and furnishing accessories out of cardboard could still perplex many people. Few people know, however, that the famous American architect Frank O. Gehry, who designed very important works, including the Guggenheim in Bilbao, already in 1969 had thought of this material for uses other than mere packaging, theorising the use of cardboard none other than as a building material.
From his intuition was born the project of the Wiggle Side Chair and the Wiggle Stool, a seat and a stool with a strong visual impact, with which he cleared any doubts about the solidity of the cardboard and its compatibility with the principles of design.

If the furnishings of the Wiggle series have now become iconic, surely those who today choose furnishings and furnishing accessories made of eco-sustainable materials have a different sensitivity and in line with a healthier and more environmentally conscious life.

In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly established March 21 as the day dedicated to the most important reservoir of diversity on Earth, on the "International Day of Forests". We have an obligation to protect and enhance one of the most important ecosystems on our planet and we can also achieve this goal with a more responsible use of resources in a circular economy model.

As a company, at Rippotai we work to create beautiful and elegant furnishing accessories that can be placed in healthier and more pleasant environments to live in.
We dispel all clichés about cardboard with solid and design proposals and solutions because we strongly believe that ecology and beauty are synonymous with a greater goal, that of making people feel active parts of change. All the cardboard used in the company is FSC certified, it is an international, independent and third party certification, specific for the forest sector and products - wood and non-wood - derived from forests. Each FSC-labeled product comes from a responsibly managed forest and supply chain.