Sustainability-focused customizations for hotels

Personalizzazioni all'insegna della sostenibilità per Hotel

Our inclusive Soundpotai musical bean bag is on holiday at

Bio Boutique Hotel Xu.

The special hotel in Rimini that believes in small and large sustainable habits.

Visit this wonderful place to stay in an eco-friendly way.

You will be able to try our SOUNDPOTAIand listen to music by sitting on the musical pouf that emits sound vibrations thanks to the natural cardboard sound box.

Soundpotai is a musical pouf that can be totally customized and makes your spaces more inclusive, welcoming and stimulating for everyone!

Pouf musicale personalizzato

Hotel Xu also needed to include some products in the showcase, but in our way: sustainable and ecological.

A showcase is made up of totally customizable walls both internally and externally and of a part in ecological plexiglass that is recycled and recyclable infinite times.

vetrina ecologica

AtBio Boutique Hotel Xu you will also find some of our ecological stationery lines.

If you also want to customize eco-design details for your hotel, do not hesitate to contact us.