I played again at Rome Future Week

Rippotai alla Rome Future Week

In the week from 11 to 17 September we were in Rome to participate in the ROME FUTURE WEEK.
Thanks to the collaboration with the creators and organizers of the eventScai Communication, Rippotai designed and created the promotional kits for the Roman week dedicated to the future and innovation.

There are many side events scheduled, including HACK IN ROME, which featured our CEOElena Lazzerini Monaco, where thanks to the partners ofSeedble we told the story of our company and the musical pouf#Soundpotai.

In the following days we attended the special event ofMoney.it“Money Pay Day 2023”. Here, Elena, during a very interesting exchange speech together withEmanuele Bianconi, gave advice on how to consume and purchase sustainably. Also for the eventMoney.it, Rippotai has designed and created customized arrangements, as always in Rippotai style, using certified honeycomb cardboard printed with ecological inks. The Money.it logo was transformed into large interlocking 3D cardboard letters on the raised backdrop that served as the backdrop to the event.

lettere in cartone
Thanks to all those who followed and supported us in our Roman foray, we return full of inspiration and optimism for a better world, increasingly greener, but still strong with an eye to the future and innovation.