Rippotai Ecodesign recognized between Responsible Innovators of Emilia Romagna Region

Rippotai Ecodesign Innovatori Responsabili

Rippotai has been recognized as one of the Responsible Innovators Companies  of the Emilia Romagna Region

Who are Responsible Innovators

Responsible Innovators are the companies and professionals of Emilia Romagna in Italy who contribute to the implementation of the objectives set from Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development - action program signed in 2015 by 193 countries UN members.

To participate in Responsible Innovators Companies sign the Charter of the Principles of social responsibility of companies in Emilia Romagna in which the following principle are examined:

  • The behavior towards suppliers and customers
  • The actions of corporate welfare
  • The commitments to reduce the environmental impact
  • Circular economy interventions and to reduce the consumption of raw materials
  • The strategic approach towards sustainability issues both in terms of internal governance and in relation to the external environment.

Why we are Responsible Innovators

Rippotai and sustainability

Environmental sustainability is the imprint from which Rippotai was born and developed: the green concept is in our DNA from which all the productions and innovative design projects start.

Our commitment is to promote and raise awareness of activities in favor of sustainable development and the circular economy.

Sustainable development involves the entire supply chain of the company:

  • recycled materials and 100% recyclable,
  • low environmental impact production
  • promotion of the philosophy of creative reuse.

The team

Supporting the brand is a team of professionals who deeply believes in a new way of doing business, ethical and sustainable: numbers are not the master but values, sustainability, circular economy and respect for people who work and collaborate with us.


The concept of sustainability also includes a direct control over the quality of materials and the life of the product, which is why we have chosen as a strategic Partner Multigraph , local company leader in digital printing.

Be included among the 141 companies of the Region within the book  Responsible Innovators is a prestigious award and a source of pride for us, the confirmation that the road taken towards the development of the green economy is the winning one