Rippotai Speed business presentation by Rete PMI

Rippotai presenzia alla cena associati Rete PMI

Speed business presentation by Rete PMI

On the evening of November 27th the Rippotai team participated in the ninth edition of the speed business presentation organized by the PMI network.

The evening was a great opportunity to share stories and experiences as well as network with a network of local businesses between Forlì and Cesena.

The first woman of the event could only be our musical Pouf #SOUNDPOTAI 🎼 at Rete PMI Romagna. Many have been able to try it and listen to the sensations of hearing the music through the vibrations of the cardboard.

pouf musicale dimostrazione

We talked about the countless opportunities in using the pouf, in projects of an educational, social and inclusive nature such as the creation of multisensory, stimulating environments, aimed at the elderly and/or children with disabilities, especially with hearing impairments, since thanks to the vibrations it emits it allows multisensory listening also suitable for the deaf
Our SOUNDPOTAI is available and totally customizable to be a special guest in any space and event.