Salone del Mobile 2019 - our ...and your experience

Salone del Mobile 2019  - la nostra... e la vostra esperienza

Milan Design Week presents Fuorisalone 2019

Milan Design Week is the Salone del Mobile but not only.
It is a glittering unfolding of events and innovation that animates Milan.

E Fuori Salmone is a territory of the Fuorisalone, the place of the unexpected and the most surprising design.

Rippotai at Fuori Salmone

Fuori Salmone is a street and a house number.

But Via Massimiano 25 is not just a street but an incredible place, a design loft inhabited by beautiful people, even more in this period.

Mezzanine and parquet, these are the stylistic notes of our station.

Tropical, memphis and optical the exclusive graphics of our furnishing accessories chosen for the pop atmosphere of the space.

The entrance to the loft slightly raised, the music welcomes the visitor.

But where does the sound come from?

The answer is uncertain, the music is widespread throughout the environment and identifying the source is not immediate.

And then the surprise: comes from a pouf.

The Betatesters

Soundpotai is the musical pouf to live.
To let you test it we thought of a game : guests invited to sit on what is apparently just a seat with pure pop style graphics.

Hence a succession of experiences and emotions:

  • the first reaction, amazement : despite being made of cardboard, the seat is robust and comfortable , just perfect for sitting
  • l depending on reaction, the emotion : the box begins to vibrate and envelop visitors with warm notes of music.

What is the explanation?

Soundpotai is the eco-sustainable design pouf with a sound soul:

  • the outside: the cardboard it is the only natural material in the world that guarantees maximum resistance while maintaining a very low specific weight; all this translates into an excellent performace in terms of sound and wave propagation
  • the inside: the heart of Soundpotai is formed by an innovative system of propagation of sound waves which, connected to a device, are transformed into music.


Soundpotai is not a simple speaker,

inside there are no speakers and its components, taken in hand, transmit only a vibration.

But u n once you connect the box via bluetooth to your favorite playlist, all this turns into magic: music which spreads throughout the room with a deep and warm sound.

We cannot hide from you that we have been looking forward to this moment and the amazement of our Betatesters has made us certain of the potential of this incredible product!

Do you want to find out all the reactions of our guests?

Watch the complete video of Fuori Salmone