Valentine's day. gift ideas for lovers

San Valentino sostenibile

Valentine's Day, love for good living and for the environment

Valentine's Day, the day dedicated to lovers: on this day we try to amaze our sweetheart with a special gift idea that best represents our feelings. < / span>

To celebrate love you don't need to give in to consumerism, but you can decline the party in a green key.
After all, what's better than an original gift that contributes at the same time to doing something good?

All Rippotai products are made of multilayer cardboard, ecological and light material but also very strong and resistant , interlocking mounted, without the use of glues.

Here then 3 ecological and innovative gift ideas for your special green Valentine's Day!

The squares

painting for Valentine's Day - Love

Impress your other half with the eco-friendly squares WALLPOTAI .

There are funny, irreverent and good wishes or the composition of 4 paintings LOVE .

Each eco-friendly picture has its own style, verve and personality.

Nice to hang in the spaces of the house, fun to give as gifts.

The important thing is not to be speechless.

The bottle holder - design lamp

Bottle holder - Bubble Lantern design lamp

For him (but also for her) the green gift idea is original is Bubble Lantern , the Design lamp bottle holder .

How many times have we thought of giving an excellent bottle of wine to our soulmate.

And why not do it with a particular and ecological package ?

Bubble lantern is the bottle holder entirely in self-assembled interlocking cardboard that you can reuse as a lantern or as a lamp countertop.

Just remove the dots to let the light through and voilà, the sustainable lamp is ready. Prosit!

The musical pouf

The bluetooth seat Soundpotai is the most original gift idea, < b> fun and innovative there is !

What is Soundpotai

It's a pouf with a musical heart.
Connect the Soundpotai speaker to your device via bluetooth, choose your playlist and you will hear your favorite music being released into the environment < / b> .

But how is this possible?
Soundpotai has al inside it innovative technology .
Not the classic loudspeaker speakers, but sound wave generators make vibrate the seat and spread in the 'environment the sound , just like the sound boxes some tools!