Scartone: the contest dedicated to recycle month

Scartone: per il Mese del Riciclo

Scartone, the carefree artistic contest we all need a little.

It all started like this, suddenly: closed schools, children at home, no friends.

Parents are worried that they have to go to work and get organized quickly to fix the children is a challenge : you can't even count on grandparents anymore, they are the most exposed to complications.

Words upon words , in the family and on TV, they swirl in the heads of children < span style = "font-weight: 400;"> who are home from school without being able to leave and frighten : virus, Covid19, Coronavirus, pandemic, red areas, increase in infections, increase in deaths, quarantine.

Everything will be fine

But the all-Italian strength to smile and join in a great community you can also distinguish in this.

And so here are the video messages of the teachers, video calls with classmates, photos of our beautiful country in full spring bloom accompanied by the hashtag #tuttoandrabene.
And then solidarity with weaker , spending for the elderly fundraisers that in a short time have raised thousands of euros.


Rippotai produces eco-sustainable, Made in Italy and recyclable furnishing accessories.
Our philosophy is

"Change starts from the little things, from the way you choose to live and work, hoping to contribute to the good of the environment for us and for the future generations. Sometimes a little creativity is enough. Rippotai was born to give everyone the possibility of a concrete choice. "

It was therefore natural for us to join the "Month of paper and cardboard recycling" launched by Comieco with Scartone, a contest which, given the situation, has become < / span> contest .

How to join Scartone

Create with Rippotai creative boxes

Creative reuse is the password.

Choose from our website one of our eco-creative boxes containing processing waste.

Once you arrive start creating .
There are no limits to the imagination : you can color, disassemble and rebuild your box, decorate it with the elements inside and with any other household “waste”.
The only rule is the recycling and reuse of objects that we would otherwise throw away.

The most creative box will be entitled to a € 155 voucher to spend on our website for any product including one of our fantastic and cheerful musical poufs Soundpotai .

Are you ready to become the new SCARTONE artists? What are you waiting for?