Solidarity Temporary Store by Rippotai

Temporary Store Solidali a cura di Rippotai

We are really happy to be among the partners who made possible the inauguration and opening of the Ca' Santino Cooperative Temporary Store, which was held last week in Cattolica.

We have been at the side of this splendid local reality for some time, which for years has welcomed children and adults with disabilities on a journey of industrious life. Countless projects and many km0 products were born from this journey, handmade with passion and good in every sense.

On this special occasion, Rippotai designed the eco-design packages designed and created to enrich Ca' Santino's gift ideas. The packs are in perfect Rippotai style, ecological and printed with certified inks and are ideal for fully customizable gifts.

confezioni ecologiche di design per strenne

We also donated some Rippotai modules to set up the product display, two poufs Poufpotai and a musical ottoman Soundpotai.

To make our social commitment even more concrete, starting from this month until the end of the year, the online sale of all the poufs in the series Poufpotai and Soundpotai an automatic donation will be applied to the Ca' Santino Cooperative, because for us people are at the center.



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