Personalized totems for Conapi event

Totem personalizzati per evento Conapi

The collaboration with Conapi continues: we have created some#totem decorative for the presentation of the "Approved by CONAPI Bees" project, the first Certified Protocol with standards and sustainability mark for bee-friendly businesses🐝🐝

Presented in Milan on 17 May, close to the International Day of Bees (Saturday 20 May) and Biodiversity (Monday 22 May), it is the first Italian protocol with a certified brand designed by Conapi - National Beekeepers Consortium as an accelerator of ecosystem balance, intended for companies of all sizes that adopt appropriate measures to spread the culture of pollination.

__Rippotai is proud to create#design sustainable for events aimed at environmental protection.🌱

If you also want to create a personalized and sustainable setting for your company, contact us!

totem personalizzato