Musical pouf Soundpotai

Listening to music in an ethical and sustainable way is possible thaks to SOUNDPOTAI

By purchasing Soundpotai, you can do good for you and for the environment! Find out how.

Can you believe it? Everyone can hear and feel it, even the deaf!

We donated it to an association of deaf kids and allowed them to try it out, the results have been amaing, watch the video here.

Soundpotai is the Bluetooth indoor musical pouf  that transforms listening to music into a multisensory experience. The pouf transmits your favorite music through sound vibrations to the body and it does so in such an enveloping way that even people with hearing impairments perceive the sound. Soundpotai is therefore an inclusive and environmentally friendly seat, a patented innovative product you'll love.

The Bluetooth speaker which is also a pouf

Sit down, choose your favorite playlist and let yourself be swept away by the music and its vibrations!  You use it as a design seat and as a musical pouf that reactivates all the senses through its vibrations once turned on. With battery power, you can take it, move it, use it everywhere. 

A gesture of responsibility at the rithm of the music

1 out of every 10 Soundpotai sold, is donated to an association, which, with their support, improve the lives of deaf people. You can make the difference too!