Our Ethical code

Everything has a conclusion but also a beginning

In the company we usually conclude our presentations with a short text: “ Change starts from small things, from the way we choose to live and work, hoping to contribute to the good of the environment for us and for future generations. Sometimes all you need is a little creativity. Rippotai was created to give everyone the possibility of a concrete choice.” 

These few lines are the compass that guides us every day, because we want Rippotai to be truly a conscious choice not only for the enlightened consumer, but also for those who don't always have the time and desire to read labels.

Our dream is to do business in an ethical and responsible way. Today we are an  innovative start-up that has already started to analyze its processes in order to pass the B-lab Assessment, which it will also lead it to become a B-Corp both in terms of certification but above all without ever losing sight of the objectives we have set for ourselves. This requires a lot of commitment in the small choices of today in order to have, together with you, a specific weight tomorrow.

It is the compass that guides us every day why all Rippotai products are the result of a careful study of functional planning and design, of a careful selection of the eco-compatible material used and of a production totally made in Italy.

We believe that creativity and beauty should enter homes, improving comfort and satisfying consumer needs in complete safety. We are committed to doing this by limiting the environmental impact of our activity as much as possible, eliminating< /b> harmful substances on raw materials, innovating processes planning and productive, safeguarding and cultivating human resources as sprouts. Fine words? Read the facts.

The actions we have already undertaken and which we want to talk to you about

Rippotai has made an important choice by integrating, thanks to a solid agreement with a local strategic partner, an internal production system. span>

We have thus obtained a solid partnership and collaboration that allows us to work together on multiple fronts and at the same time have effective and effective control over all production and what it happens later, from the waste onwards. All shipments depart right here, from our shared internal warehouse. What do we have in mind? To perfect the design ensuring greater accuracy thanks to the creation of samples and prototypes on the spot; to optimize the production cycle "on demand" also for the final consumer, implementing innovative and sustainable techniques.

Another thing we want to tell you... we are invaded by waste! Carefully selected and catalogued, we keep them for future ideas and products. But we willingly give them away for virtuous, sustainable and responsible initiatives. In this case you can contact us at info@rippotai.it.

As we see it these are also ways to promote sustainability. Welcome to Rippotai!