Pouf contenitore 50 - perfetta seduta per la scrivania
Storage pouf Poufpotai 50
Storage pouf Poufpotai 50

Storage pouf Poufpotai 50


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Higher than a normal pouf, Poufpotai 50 is the comfortable seat designed for work and study spaces.

Pouf is projected to be a valid ally in the organization of work and home.

50 cm is the right measure for your desk, to rest the elbows in the correct position without bending the shoulders.

Stable and sturdy thanks to its cross-shaped interior, this seat is divided into internal compartments where you can always keep your daily work documents handy.

Made of 100% recyclable material, Poufpotai 50 takes care of you and of your spaces: non-toxic printing inks and glue-free assembly system are safe and eco-friendly.

Poufpotai 50 is projected and realized with artisanal care in our laboratories in Italy following eco-design guidelines.


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