Rippotai, the sustainable interior design evolution at Homi Milano – the Lifestyle Trade Fair

Interior design sostenibile ad Homi Milano

Craftsmanship and an accurate home furnishings production , designed and completely produced in Italy. 

Innovative eco-friendly materials, new captivating patterns and redesigned home decor accessories, here are Rippotai's sustainable innovations presented at the Homi Lifestyle Fair in Milan.

Does it bear my weight?

"Does it bear my weight"? This is the recurring question when we invite our guests to sit down.

"Don't worry, it is tested up to 100 kg" it is our answer.

We like to let our customers test  our products firsthand and we have involved at Homi our visitors in a fun experiment.

Guests sit with caution. 
But shortly after, skepticism gives way to amazement. 
Mouths open wide, people relax: the music spreads from the pouf up the back, resounds throughout the body, gets in tune with the emotions.
That’s our  new Soundpotai, the seat-speaker that even the deaf can hear. That's right and thanks to the vibrations diffused by Soundpotai.

Redesigned to convey the musical experience more engaging, we let the guys from "Doppio Ascolto" – a local association supporting deaf children - try it out.

“I felt a really strong  emotion, I was finally able to perceive what I normally don't hear, through my body and I needed to dance”

tells one of the participants.

We finally had the confirmation  that Soundpotai is a musical pouf and an eco-design objectof social inclusion.

Since sustainability cannot be just a matter of  words, we decided, with your help, to donate 1 Soundpotai - every 10 sold - to an association that supoports deaf people.

Read the whole experience: Soundpotai can be heard even by the deaf.

The growth of Poufpotai 

If Soundpotai is more enveloping and "democratic", Poufpotai becomes even more comfortable and functional with a redesigned joint system. 
Yes, because we don't use any glue.

The seat is large and sturdy, the internal cross system guarantees stability and divides the internal spaces to store the objects you always have at hand, such as  remote controls,  blanket for winter evenings or your favorite magazines.

Poufpotai family grows in design and grows in size. Next to the classic 40 cm pouf - the perfect size for a coffee table or a practical footrest - we have introduced  the new Poufpotai 50 cm. It is a desk-height seat that becomes a multifunctional stool to welcome unexpected guests.

A new green season

For the new season we have invested in research for environmentally friendly and certified raw materials in order to make spaces increasingly safe and comfortable, functional and eco-sustainable. 

Two very respectable pillows 

The restyling of the poufs - Soundpotai and Poufpotai - could only be complemented by exclusive design cushions made by eco-sustainable and innovative fabrics handcrafted in Italy with yarns that respect the environment and people.
Soft, essential in lines and shapes, the EVE cushion is the result of research that combines functionality and respect for the environment. Smooth and velvety, the soft eco-leather is made with 60% organic biobased yarns, while the back is in GOTS certified cotton which guarantees strict production criteria, both environmental and social.

Soft, vibrant and slightly rough to the touch, the COTTON cushion is made with regenerated ecological cotton. The neutral color, the sustainable materials, the hemp rope fibers that decorate the exclusive decorative closure, make it an exclusive must-have for lovers of Nordic and natural style.

The certified honeycomb

Black, white and brown profiles, with the new FSC certified honeycomb cardboard the shape joins the substance. 
The origin of the raw material is as important as the material itself.
It is the reason why we decided to use only FSC-certified cardboard for all our products with honeycomb cardboard.
This guarantees responsible forest management, respect for biodiversity and benefits to local populations for the maintenance of forest resources.

The new Autumn mood? With Rippotai is green!

While the forests start to color with autumn warm colors, the season of home decor by Rippotai turns green. 

Green represents our eco-friendly decorative  accessories, living objects with an eco-sustainable soul. 

Green means researching new raw materials, eco-design planning, a constant commitment to social issues. 
A guarantee, a commitment that you buy together with each item.